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Chinese translations on e-commerce emcompasses:

  • product description
  • user review
  • marketing & advertising
  • consumer support
  • branding materials
  • webpage translation

Clients’ comments:

their translation services really help my company a lot, helping us lauch better marketing campaigns to Chinese customers.

Alan Lim, TYC Chartering LLP.

Chinese translation on business and finance contains:

  • website localization
  • app localization
  • naming
  • content marketing 

Clients’ comments:

their translation and text edition helped me a lot in organizing the article and they also provide fantastic translation services. It’s better to employ a part-time virtual assistant from them.

Santiago dos Santos 

Chinese translation on legal docs covers:

  • terms and condition
  • contracts and licenses
  • service agreements
  • official documents
  • certificates and credentials
  • copyrights and patents

Our translation on tech and software covers:

  • documentations
  • customer support
  • FAQ(frequently-asked questions)
  • websites
  • apps
  • cryptocurrency
  • ICO and whitepapers

Chinese translations on such industries includes:

  • website and app
  • presentation
  • copywriting
  • Adds and posters
  • printing materials
  • emails and instant messages

Clients’ comments:

they translate some of my website’s contexts, and they also make great efforts in assisting me with social media marketing for my brand.

Ilham from Tour Frombali

Chinese translation on these fields contains:

  • SEO contents
  • app string
  • interface 
  • user review and comments
  • questionnairs

Clients’ comments:

their transcription and voice-over is fantastic and professional. What we want them to do is add lovely and cute voices to my scripts, for which they’ve done very well.

Saar David on Fiverr

translation on hospitality and leisurement contains:

  • Travel listings
  • User reviews
  • Location guides
  • Host / guest messaging
  • Customer support

translation on medias contains:

  • Hard / soft news articles
  • Social media content
  • Questions and answers
  • Mobile apps & games
  • questionnairs

51transpreter also provides interpretation services, including:

  • Chinese simultaneous interpreting
  • Chinese consecutive interpreting
  • Chinese escort interpreting
  • on-phone interpreting
  • call center liasion
  • free interpreter services by signup

Files We Translate

webpage Translation

localization of your website or webpages with our professional human translation can increase visits, engagements, visibility, traffic and conversations. By pasing the URL directly within following column, we will receive your request and contact you. 

File Translation

We cover translation on contracts, legal documents, mannuals, brochures, certificates, credentials, thesis, posters, technical docs, etc. We also cover industries like chemistry, cyptocurrency, medication, leisure, laws, commerce, etc.  

why choose 51transpreter?

Excellent Quality

Proper Pricing

Timely Delivery

We work with experienced translators working in specific industries for many years. To be one of our translators, they have to undergo strict tests and selections, and capable of operating on professional CATs. Their knowledge span and professions are the categorical guarantee of the translational quality.  

Our pricing policies are made based on the difficulties of the source texts(common usages, special usage or publishing usage), formats of the source materials(PDF, Doc, jpg, HTML or others), industrial professions(biochemistry, IT, medicines, cryptocurrencies or others), level of translational requirements, 

Usually, from the moment we finish our communication on the translational requirements, the translation starts. We shall always submit and deliver our translations in a timely manner. Clients can communicate with us in terms of the deadline prior to starting to translate. And we will always meet the deadline.

Procedure of Translation

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