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one-stop Chinese transcription services helps you overcome the difficulty in listening and understanding

Speaker Identification

Chinese translators and interpreters listening to the source audio or watching the source video helps us identify human numbers, genders, speakers’ roles, speakers’ intentions, and maybe the names if you’d like to provide.

transcripts formatting

we always provide simple and commonly-seen formats or transcripts, usually doc, xlsx, PDF with careful and neat composing and typography. But it is also negotiable about the formatting. Moreover, we also provide interpreting services.

Technological Terms

Our Chinese transcriptionists conduct comprehensive research into subject-based database to ensure the accuracy of terminologies, abbreviations, acronyms, and any other terms.

Accents Transcription

it’s very common for us dealing with different accents, with the assistance of our own Chinese interpreting services. But maybe we need you assistance on unusual accents.

Source Accessment

we conduct Chinese transcription accessment on source material in advance, to determin the difficulty level, the industrial fields, the subject area,  the problems and source quality.

After Sales

Once delivered, we start our after sales service. We shall relisten or rewatch the audio or the video to make improvements and alterations for clearer utterance and error-free transcripts.

Value-Added services


want to polish and perfect your transcripts? we offer free detection, correction and revision for your transcripts, to erase all the grammatical, syntax, lexical errors.


You can get prose from our experienced editors with this service. You will receive a formal and extensively edited transcripts for formal usages, or for offcial and sublime publications.


You can get a quicker overview of the source material and original intentions delivered by the speaker, at the very quick time in the begining for your concise outline.

Pricing for Reference

$ 0.99/ minute

$0.89/min (10% off)

$0.79/min (20% off)

$0.69/min (30% off)

Yes, of course. Rates vary based on the urgency, number of speakers, professional difficulties,  engaged industries, and quality of the audios or videos.  You can also talk to translator or interpreter online on your profile page.

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