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51transpreter provides Chinese subtitling services in broadcasting, streaming, theatrcial and short-video sharing platforms.


51transpreter provides fast handover and delivery of the Chinese subtitling and Chinese translation of videos, to meet your requirements of quickly going online and being alive, with high quality.


with professional Chinese translators who have been working on Chinese subtitling and caption with the assistance with professional subtitling softwares, we better guarantee the quality of our work.


51transpreter, a professional translation and interpreting platform, guarantees the Chinese subtitling and the timeline highly synchronized, with the minimum erros on the time spots and frames of the souce videos


51transpreter provides Chinese subtitling services with privacy protection, for we usually receive sensitive and classified informations of the source materials. Protecting clients' privacy is one of our top priorities.

enterprise package

51transpreter is so willing to cooperate with long-term clients, especially potential companies that intends to establish long-term cooperative relations with us, and we will provide preferential prices and support correspondingly.


51transpreter provides quotations based on the time length of the source video clips. Usually, our pricing is $1 per minute of the source video clips. While we have to screen the source material before we start the job and the price varies too.


Chinese subtitling? why?

To launch your digital marketing or online marketing campaing targeting the largest market, China, you have to improve your programs’ localization and extend to the Chinese masses to obtain attractions.

the quality assessment and control?

Like the Chinese translation‘s quality control, the translated subtitles will have to undergo careful and prudent screening and monitoring by our proofreaders who’re experienced working on vetting and corrections.

What languages do you support?

As you already know from our title, the targeted language is Chinese(both Simplified and Traditional). But we also conduct the reverse process, from Chinese to other languages. We also support languages like Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, etc.

Do you have a professional team?

All the subtitling editors are comprised by bilingual or trilingual language experts, most of which are Chinese locals. Each member undergos trainings on dialects, slangs, grammars, syntaxes, etc. Meanwhile, which is the most important part too, they undergo trainings on manimulations on those subtitling softwares. 

How's the translation quality of the subtitlies?

the translation of the subtitles and final embedding sounds and looks just like the source speakers say, the tones, the emotions, the affections, cultual nuances and the meaning beyong the contexts uttered by the speaker. Plus our quality control team, the quality of the subtitles gets ensured.

What the process ordering your services?

  • send your materials to us for screening.
  • offer you the quotation based on the industrial background and the difficulties.
  • process payment
  • translation and subtitling
  • submitting the work and after sales

Our story

team info

Our subtitlers are highly skilled linguists, covering multilanguages while with our mother tongue Chinese and using the most up-to-date specialist software. They handle large volumes of work at impressive speed, while guaranteeing quality. 

As to the subtitles, the most feature of it is the attractiveness, accuracy, flexibility, instruction, fun, description, etc.  Most of our team members are professional translators and interpreters, thus they have in-depth and profound understanding on source languages and the target language Chinese. Combing with the taste of each source video clips, they flexibly adopt different language styles that mentioned above.

Meanwhile, as mentioned above that we offer translation, transcription, voice-over, proofreading services. As to the education and culture exchanges, please kindly leave us messages by filling the contact form, sending us email by clicking on the front page, or contact us by the contact form or the contact-us page. 

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