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feature services

experienced proofreader

working on translation and proofreading for so many years, we have to control the quality of the translated texts. Thus, we have obtained so much experience on proofreading and re-examing. Plus their comparatively high education degree, they have prudent attitude toward each segments in a single text and the cultural background.

great value pricing

compared with the translation and interpreting, we have received the translated texts from the clients, thus the pricing is comparatively low. Nevertheless, low pricing doesn’t mean our quality level inferior to the translation because a seamless proofreading can guarantee and improve the quality of the translated texts and meanwhile enhence our reputation.

Prompt and Rapid Delivery

we understand that many of our clients have the specific demands on the deadline, and we respect the significance of a timely returned proofreading documents. We have strict rules within our team and we work 24/7 with high efficient  delivery services to ensure clients’ rights on fast delivery, at a reasonable pricing. 

Confidential and Security

we understand that sometimes we receive secretive and confidential documents with various privacy, like personal identity, business plan, certificates and credentials, licences, etc. After delivery of the proofread documents, we will immediately delete the source text, leaving only the working record on our checklist with project names, dates, client info, words counts and pricing.

proofreading category

based on various source texts, we set up different methods on proofreading. But usually, we cover prudent proofreading on grammars, punctuation marks, words and vocabularies, page numbers, translation accuracy, etc. Meanwhile, compared with other organizations, we focus on the background knowledge checking which is highly important to the communicational functions.

satisfaction guaranteed

we will proceed at least 2-round checking and proofreading to maximize the accuracy and quality of the source texts. Regarding to the highly professional terminologies, we will not only figure out their ficial innotations but also work on their internal logical relations. If the first-time delivery doesn’t meet your requirements, we can re-proofread on your source text and our previous submission to get it done.

Our services

thesis and papers

we cover the proofreading on academic thesis and papers to improve the pass-through rate and the academic quality.

documents translation

file and document translation's proofreading is our main working scope with large reception from clients

official documents

certificate and credential are critical to clients for the official formalities, thus they need more attention and care.

William Kuo

Language Chief/CEO

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quality guarantee
turnover and delivery

we guarantee both the proofreading quality and timely delivery with high-level customer satisfaction.

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