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Consecutive Interpreting

51transpreter provides consecutive interpreting services, from other languages to Chinese and vice versa. Commonly used for small groups meetings, business negotiation seminars, press conferences and other formal and informal situations, our consecutive interpreters keep a professional spirit and skills. With powerful linguistic and interpresonal skills, we help facilitate the interpresonal communications between two parites, the keynote speaker and the audiences. The translation transmits directly from interpreter’s microphone to audiences’ ears.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Our Chinese interpretation also contains simultanous interpretation in meetings,forums, conferences. With the support of professional simultaneous interpreting equipments and booth, plus the dedicated, well-trained, and skillful simultaneous interpreters, we can simply fulfill each simultanous interpreting task. Sitting in isolated boothes, interpreters listen to the speaker through a earphone, and speak the translation into a micphone. The translation is simultaneously and wirelessly transmitted to audiences’ earphone.

Escort Interpreting

Beside formal interpreting occassions, 51transpreter also provides escort interpreting. Escort interpreter always work on flexible occassions. Such occasssions include tourist guide, short-term business trips to China, business negotiations, short visits, etc. Paid by days or hours, 51transpreter will make deals with customers on the payment and salary. Meanwhile, we do need customers to discuss with us on the arriving dates, desired visited places, and the main topic and theme of your activities. This is for the preparations for our interpreters.

Phone Interpreting

51transpreter provide online and phone interpreting services as well. For some inconvenient occassions, as customers can come to onsite, hoping to seek for phone/videocall interpreting services, we provide correlate interpreting services. Phone interpreting helps customers overcome language barriers in seconds via only a transnational or video call. While phone interpreting is highly affected by the internet quality, accent variety, speech speed, etc. As a result, prior to proceeding such phone interpreting, both parties should talk these through and solve them.

Call Center Liasion

Many call centera always encounter calls from different countries, in various languages, with varied accents, on different purposes, in all walks of industries. With our call center assistance, you don't have to hire additional staff. We provide first-degree phone call supports, considerate customer supports, questions and answers, taking order srevices. We also provide promotional campaign services. We act as a 3-party phone call pickers. While we need professional knowledge, background investigation and external plus internal logical relations.

Whispering Interpreting

51transpreter also provides whispering interpreting as well. Whispering interpreting refers to professional and well-trained interpreter sitting next to the client who needs to understand the foreign language. Whispering interpreters will whipers the translation into client's ears. No special equipments are required, so the interpreters can walk and talk. This makes the services suitable for the site visits. Common usages of the service contains high executive visiting company boarding meeting, group training, short-term overseas factory and office visits.

Languages & Cities of Interpreters

Languages Covered

51transpreter supports multi-lingual interpreting. Principly, one of our languages is Chinese Mandarin, covering both source language and target language. We support other language besides Chinese Mandarin, covering English, Russian, Frech, Germany, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, Arabic, Czech, Dutch,  Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Vietamese, Thai, Danish, Swedish, Polish,etc.

Main Cities

Our interpreters work in cities in China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yinchuan, Nanning, Wuhan,  Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Dalian, Shijiazhuang,  Ji’nan, Qingdao,  Nanjing, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Yangzhou,  Hangzhou,Jiaxing, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,  Haikou, Sanya, Kunming, Chengdu, Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi’an, , Lanzhou, Taipei, Hongkong, Macau,etc.

For more information on languages and cities, please register on our website and visit the profile editting page.

Chinese Interpreting Fields

Chinese Interpreter China working on different fields and industries, we list the feature interpreting services down below.

Business Interpreting

Business interpreting mainly cover meetings with foreign clients, contract negotiations, interviews, business seminars and conferences, overseas clients visits.

Technology Interpreting

Technology interpreting covers interpreting services on machine operations, technological and technical exchanges/discussions, IT interpreting, medical interpreting, etc.

Legal Interpreting

Legal interpreting mainly refers to court interpreting, foreign criminal cases investigations,  prosecution and judgement of criminals concerning foreign criminals.


Do you have Chinese interpreter China team?

Yes, of course we do. We have our own professional and skillful interpreter teams, working on simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting , escort interpreting, whispering interpreting, phone interpreting, and call center liasion.

What else does 51transpreter do?

Beside our own services, language experts and customers can register on our website, and talk online on potential and established cooperation. Meanwhile,  login users are allowed to submit blogspost jobs, visit forums and purchase feature Chinese products online.

How can I find an interpreter and translator ?

It’s very simple that you can visit the translator and interpreter page. The contact information, the name, places of the language experts, the auxillary services, their genders, their daily rates and their language pairs as well. But you can also go contact page or leave us messages via the contact form and the live chat window. 

How about paying to interpreter and translators?

51transpreter doesn’t control the payment amount and payment ways. So you have to negotiate with signup interpreters. But we don’t recommend you pay fully before the service starts. You can also visit the profile page or the Chinese translator interpreter page to view their rates. Contact us for direct and quick service.

Do you have other services besides interpreting ?

Yes of course, we have our own services. We provide Chinese translation, Chinese interpreting, voiceover, transcription, proofreading and subtitling translations, covering medical translation, legal translation, IT translation, etc. We also provide global schools a channel to talk online on the international education exchange and cooperation.

How do I increase my findability&visibility ?

Once you register on our website, you’d better often engage in forums, publish new topics, publish new blogs, reply to new topics in forums  under our rules. You’d better write blogs  and publish information on subforums based on our tips, because we provide comparatively clear instruction on how to increase findability.

Contact us by emai,  the live chat window, or call directly by adding the Wechat or Whatsapp account, or the onn-page contact form.

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