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Our specialization

With Chinese translators and Chinese interpreters registered on our website, plus the totally open platform among language experts and clients, we are able to build a direct contact channel between Chinese interpreters and Chinese translators with our registered clients. We cover Chinese translation, Chinese interpreting. Meanwhile, we also cover Chinese voiceover and Chinese subtitling.  At the same time, all the academic organizations can register and proceed online discussion about international education exchange and cooperation, to help demostic and overseas schools forge cooperative ties in terms of  long-term academic education and short-term international exchanges and study tours.

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Via our website, you can post jobs about translation, talk directly with a Chinese translator or interpreter or even those who work on different language pairs about the detailed info. Also you can find translation jobs if you are a translator.It covers translation in medicine, IT, law, business, etc.


We have ample registered voice talents (Chinese translators) registerd on our website with their auxilary services listed on their own profiles. After your registration, you can chat online via the small tag "message"with your favorite voiceover undertaker in terms of the job detailes.

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clients can easily find interpreters here by simply register and then you can view registered interpreters, post jobs, talk online with registerd interpreters, and negotiate about the rates and other detailed info in interpretation. We also cover interpreting in various fields.


With our registerd Chinese translator and interpreter, or even those who work in different language pairs, we can undertake such transcription tasks for which you can check their profiles with the daily rates. You can chat with them online with the detailes of the transcribing talks or the files.

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We provide a platform where you can post subtitling jobs with detailed requirements, set rates and select potential Chinese translators who're willing to work for you. Meanwhile, you can undertake subtitling jobs if you are a registered language experts on our platform.

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You can offer proofreading services if you register on our website and include the service in your profile for clients' retrieval. Clients can directly post proofreading jobs or find the registerd language experts who have listed such a service in their profile.

Why Us?


Our website allows you to register without charge. You can post jobs, talk online directly with your client or your desired translators or interpreters. Also you can directly see their profiles to get to know more concrete and detailed personal information.


Traditionally, the translation companies will get, sometimes, a large number of commissions due to their core function of connecting the customers and the language service talents. They usually act as agencies. With our website, you can directly chat with your partners without deduction of the services fee.


With traditional translation industry modes, the translators and interpreters are dispatched niche by the translation company, while the companies have to recruite enough and qualified translators, interpreters or people who can do transcription, subtitling, or voiceover. Via our website, you can choose and deny jobs as you wish and work much more flexibly.


Traditional translation and interpretation industries have series of restrictions. The language talents are restrained by the translation companies, while translation companies need desperately huge business loads to support their operation and running. Via our platform, you can say goodbye to these restriction and set yourselves free.

Prestigious Clients

Our prestigious clients scatter in almost each corner of the world. With our dedicated services, they’ve already overcome the language barriers and the business obstacles. Chawla contacts one of our Chinese translaotr William Kuo to translate their websites. Alibaba sellers seek our Chinese translator to translate their product specifications. Ziru Dance comes to translate their ballet features to promote their culture exchange and cooperation between U.S.A and China. NR Relay entrust us to recommend local interpreters to fulfill interpreting tasks in a new-born nation East Timor with EDTL(Electricidade de Timor Leste). Here it just shows several clients amongst all who seek our language services.

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Margaret Curtis

Chinese translator

If you are fed up with translation companies’ sharp deducation of your salary, I recommend this website. It’s a totally open and free platform where you can register and chat with your client online. You can also visit the forum section to check the latest and availabe translational jobs. The blog part and the forum part are the two fantastic parts where I can attract visits by writing posts and blogs, or even insert my profiles links on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Matthew Fox

cutomer seeking Chinese interpreter

I’m tired of the poor translation provided by several Chinese translation companies with their poor quality and huge pricing. Finally 51transpreter provides me a free and open platform where I post a job on the job board and then a Chinese interpreter (also a Chinese translator) contacted me directly. Via strict tests and vetting, I finally make a deal with him. I paid him via PayPal based on his daily rate and plus extra more bonus. We still keep in touch these days. He helps me a lot.



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